Height 17 cm, Diameter 7 cm
Burning time 38 hours
OHD: 60 cm - 80 cm

GCS decided to offer its stemmed Tulip offering as a corked option that can fit into a candle holder/candelabra.

The TULIP LARGE CORKED is 7 cm in Diameter and 17 cm in Height and can be used in an array of candle holders.

The OHD is 60 cm to 80 cm emphasising the height of the adjacent decor piece that it looks good with ( i.e. this is the Optimal Height of the Decor piece which could be a 5 armed candelabra for example).

This product is well suited to event companies for hiring out at weddings.

The TULIP LARGE CORKED burns for approximately 38 hours.

This product suited to other type businesses in the hospitality industry including restaurants and hotels and is a stunning piece for home decoration and a gift.

As a result of the efficiencies of ordering online GCS offers these wholesale prices to any purchaser regardless of quantity.

See RUNNING COSTS for using this glass candle as well as SAVINGS CALCULATOR for determining payback period and savings achieved when using this product as opposed to wax candles for example.

The online buying system provides exact detail of every product on offer and completes the process of getting ones order safely door to door.

Oil not included in price

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