We would like you to get a 100% match between what you are looking for and what we can provide you.

For this reason, we give you all details about the product to make your choice much simpler.

This is how we go about it … let’s consider the ‘GLASS CANDLES’ in the ‘TABLE LIGHTING’ section


Is the glass candle ‘CORKED’ or not?

A corked glass candle implies that it has a cork underneath which fits into virtually any candle holder/candelabras.

If the glass candle is ‘not corked’ it is ‘FLAT’ and can then just be placed on any surface.



What is the size  of the glass candl or more specifically; its ‘DIMENSIONS’? To measure this we use:

Height (H) - vertical lenght of glass candle

Diameter (D) or  horizontal lenght of the glass candle; the longest part usually measured at its middle.



At this point one can more or less visualise how small or large the glass candle will be; but to make choosing the right glass candle  more precise; we have now introduced a measurement called OHD

OHD’ (i.e. or Optimal Height Décor) is defined as follows: “What would the ideal height range of the adjacent décor piece you are using the glass candle with; be?

To give an example

Here is a ‘Medium Lollipop with Medium stem (i.e. Product code LOLMEDMIDH ‘‘that sits in a vase.

The Lollipops dimensions are: Height -45 cm Diameter - 8 cm.

The OHD (i.e. Optimal Height Decor) is 21 cm i.e. the height of the top surface of the vase should be 21 cm for this particular glass candle to look right


See FAQ for more examples and diagrams related to OHD.



Is it worth buying the glass candle as well as the Oil that needs to fuel it.

The 'plus' is; is that the glass candle is reusable unlike a disposable wax candle for example.

GCS provides the information for YOU to make that CHOICE

We start off by giving you the ‘BURNING TIME’ or B of the glass candle

Each glass candle has a different burning rate based on its design; so it is worth looking at these calculators

The first calculator; OIL USAGE AND COSTING CALCULATOR’ lets you know what oil is going to cost you, depending on how many glass candle you buy, how often you use them etc.

The second calculator; delves deeper in that the SAVINGS CALCULATOR’; GLASS CANDLES VS WAX (or vs any other system you are using) gives you more detailed feedback such as;

How long it will take you to recoup your investment in the glass candles; the time and how many events it will take before you break even; your actual savings in using lamp oil instead of wax for the year etc

Remember, because each glass candle burns at a different rate, better savings can be achieved depending on the glass candle and its purpose.



After pricing and caculating what the products will cost ( ie or save) you, we have provided a chart which breakdowns the different types of businesses that buy these products in our industry.

The chart is meant as a 'reassurance' of whether users in your industry buy the particular products you are interested in ; or not.

See 'OUR PRODUCTS AND THOSE WHO BUY THEM' just in case you are not sure whether the particular product is or isnt popular in your particular industry.



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