Customers who shop on GCS's online website get the benefit of our wholesale prices. 

As a manufacturer of reusable hand-blown glass candles this is a tremendous price advantage to our clientele as prices paid would be less than what would be found in a retail store, besides the convenience of benefiting from door to door delivery. 


GCS has not set a MOQ (i.e. No minimum order quantity) to these wholesale prices. Any number of units may be bought to qualify.


 GCS continuously designs, develops and produces different styles of hand -blown glass candles; many not found elsewhere in the world. We use only high quality borosilicate glass for hand blowing.


 Glass candles are typically made to sit on a flat surface or come with a cork that sits underneath the glass candle that is inserted into a candle holder/candelabra. Our corks fit into approximately 95% of candle holders and can be tweaked to perfectly fit so as the cork is not exposed. 


As a manufacturer we are often asked to make glass candles that are not necessarily illustrated in the catalogue. The web pages below illustrate however the varying styles, shapes and sizes of our most popular candles. Please feel free to contact us about any of your requirements or questions. 

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