The oldest of shapes in the 'Wax world' has now been hand blown into glass form in 4 different sizes.

This elegant candle is used primarily in a candle holder/candelabra; each size; more specifically their varying heights  are described in more detail in this subcategory.

Favoured in many types of businesses, the TAPER is a very popular candle for wedding events and home use.

An interesting more...

Taper Corked 6cm

Taper candle Height 6 cm, Diameter 2 cm
Burning time  2 hours
OHD: 8 cm

Taper Corked 6cm

Taper Corked 10cm

Taper candle Height 10 cm, Diameter 2 cm
Burning time 4 hours
OHD: 8 cm

Taper Corked 10cm

Taper Corked 15cm

Taper candle Height 15 cm, Diameter 2.2 cm
Burning time 5 hours
OHD: 30 cm - 50 cm

Taper Corked 15cm

Taper Corked 24cm

Taper candle Height 24 cm, Diameter 2.2 cm
Burning time 5 hours
OHD: 8 cm - 80 cm

Taper Corked 24cm

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