This candle will last you for life but it is important to understand some key facts about this product.

How do glass candles work?

  • Unlike a wax candle which relies on a burnable wick and wax to fuel it, the wick on a glass candle doesn’t burn down. It is re-usable. The wick in a glass candle is merely a conduit to assist the oil to be sucked up the inner glass tube via a capillary action when the candle is lit.
  • Tampering with the wick and/or using bad quality oil will affect the wick. We do supply extra wick/cartridges. Each cartridge containing the wick is produced according to the size of the glass candle.
  • Because the glass candle is re-usable, the only ongoing cost/variable cost is the oil. Despite this, using a glass candle is still more cost effective than using a good wax candle. Should you want to compare your current spend on candles vs using our oil candles, please contact us and we can run your data/spend with our different financial models.

Instructions and precautions

  • When placing a corked glass candle into a candle holder, it is best to first take the cork off (i.e. this is a matter of feel depending on the candelabra you have) the spike at the bottom of the glass candle and place it in the candle holder. Once placed, take the glass candle and gently insert it into the cork.
  • Pour oil through the side hole in glass candle. If there is no side hole pour oil into the hole at the top which contains the loose wick. Do this before the cartridge/wick is placed in the glass candle. Thereafter put the wick/glass cartridge through the hole.
  • Cover the hole/s of the glass candles with your fingers and shake the candle in order to wet the wick (i.e. you need only do this the first time you use the glass candle/s). Light the candle and give it a minute or so to settle into the perfect flame.
  • Do Not Light The Glass Candles With A Wax Candle As It Will Seal The Glass Tube And Render The Glass Candle Unusable.
  • Our glass candles are delivered in a box with a tray system. When transporting the glass candles ensure that the loose cartridge is taken out of the glass candle as if left inside the cartridge tip/flange may bump against the top opening of the glass candle and chip it. If the flange continues to chip, order a new cartridge.
  • Do not leave glass candle on hot surface whether glass candle is lit or not lit. Heating oil itself is always dangerous.


Instructions and precautions

  • Undo sealed cap.
  • Fill up base with oil (unless oil already provided)
  • Use cap/ wick system provided and tighten around base opening.
  • Do not over tighten cap/wick around base otherwise cap could break
  • Do not pull rope up- keep rope about 1.5 mm above opening (i.e. to allow for 1.5 cm flame maximum) By pulling up the rope too high particularly on the plastic lantern that has the ‘concave shape’, the shade is likely to singe at the top and become unusable.
  • Ensure rope is moist at tip particularly on first light.
  • Only use high quality smokeless lamp oil when refilling.

General precautions with using lamp oil

  • Keep away from children
  • If oil is swallowed contact physician
  • Store in a cool place to avoid evaporation
  • Oil flammable
  • Do not re-use any oil container for food/drink purposes
  • Keep oil away from another heat source
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