GCS continues to update its 'GALLERY' with pictures that display its lighting systems; particularly the glass candles, in the various ways that they may be used.

The various ways customers have used their glass candles has been the impetus in our own ongoing design process.

 Although the 'full feel' of the glass candles cannot be grasped in any given picture, the photos at least give some idea as to how the various products can be used.

 Walking into one restaurant that does not have glass candles lit provides a totally different overall experience to that restaurant which do have glass candles.

Candles are being used either alone or in other more cost-effective ways.

Using glass candles with adjacent decor pieces such as a reflecting mirror, a matching floral arrangement or on a small tray can be just as eye catching at a fraction of the cost.

Whether it be a wedding, a restaurant or home setting, a display in a gift store, GCS will continue to update its 'GALLERY'

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