The PRODUCT/MARKET chart below is an illustration of which products prove popular in the various types of businesses GCS serves. Kindly note that the choice of glass candles is ultimately a personal one. The chart below suggests only the more popular choice of product for each type of business; not that each business sector has never chosen a product that is not marked in the respective block

 PRODUCTS Small rounds Medium rounds Large Rounds  Extra Large Rounds Domes Tearshapes Small round corked ie for candelabra Medium round corked ie for candelabra Tealights Lollipops Tulips Tapers Plastic lantern GCS Lamp Oil

 Markets- Jhb, Cape Town, Durban, rest of SA and export

Event Companies                      
 Hotels and Lodges                            
 Resellers / Gift Stores                            
Home - General                            
Home - Jewish                            
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