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Our MISSION STATEMENT outlines our continous efforts to design and manufacture reusable table lighting using non-toxic; smokeless and odorless lamp oils.

The table lighting we produce aims at being practical in its application such as providing our customers with the right packaging when preparing and packing up an event, creating a 'no-wax ; no-mess' environment and designing products that are reusable and economical.

This liquid candle range boasts a selection of pieces fitting for an anniversary dinner, a joyful gathering with family and friends, a wedding event, gentle lighting in a restaurant, hotel, or that eye-catching moment for a special occasion. 

Their exclusive design, with or without candle holders, allows the glass candles to be used as a decoration during the day and to create ambiance throughout an evening. 

It is imperative that we describe our products fully, how best to use them, their associated costs and any additional information that will reduce the perceived risk of those new customers who  purchase online.

The 'ALL ABOUT US' section delves into the detail of all the above aspects; broken down into the following sections:

1. Choosing the right product

2. Costing and Payback calculators

3. Our Products and those who buy them

4. How to use our Products

5. Our Gallery

6. Becoming a Distributor

7. Terms and Conditions

This selection of beautiful and delicate hand blown glass candles is crafted in South Africa and may be purchased directly from the manufacturer (i.e. GCS) online at wholesale prices.  

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