Glass Candle Decor

The right décor, the type of glass candles one chooses including the right oil colour, all make up for a great looking lighting unit.

Our glass candles are used in many markets including event companies; who typically set up weddings or parties, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, game lodges, the gift market and home use.

The size of the glass candles in adjacent to the decor piece ir may be used, brings proportion into qiestion.

A small glass candle on a candelabra that is too high, does not look right and has to be proportionate to the décor piece in question.

For this reason, GCS came out with a measurement guide called an OHD; (i.e. Optimal Height Décor) which suggests what height the adjacent piece (i.e. height of the candelabra itself) best suited to the glass candle should be.

Glass candles that sit on flat surface do not have an OHD as those types of glass candles can sit on any type of surface.

There are countless ways of decorating glass candles - ‘creativity’ plays a vital part.

Our catalogue presents and offers some of theses ideas from placing a variety of glass candles on a reflecting mirror or using a well -priced crystal candelabra that is 5- armed.

Ever used a black coloured smokeless oil with a beautiful reflective crystal holder? —we can offer you this?

Check out our GALLERY for more of these ideas and feel free to contact us should you be seeking any of the décor pieces presented there.

GCS offers wholesale prices ( i.e. discount decor) to its customers who shop online and deliver anywhere in South Africa as well as for export purposes.

Silver plated holder with bow

Height 6cm

Silver plated holder with bow
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Silver plated holder with bow and Tearshape

Silver plated holder with bow emblem and Tearshape.

Silver plated holder with bow and Tearshape
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Stylish, Crystal 5 armed candelabra sold on its own - Height 37 cm

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