Glass Candle Gifts

What a perfect gift! -   hand blown glass candles belong to such a niche industry that the recipient of these liquid candles may well ask: “What is this?”

What’s more it’s a life- time gift; its reusable.

We have placed some of our popular gifts on the website which one can order online.


Each gift offering comes with

1. The glass candle/s

2. Oil; whether it be our smokeless, odorless lamp oil or citronella oils- the amount of oil dependent on the gift in question

3. All accessories for the glass candle including the wick/s and the ‘pouring nozzle’ used for filling up the glass candles. Note: no cutting of the tip of the pouring nozzle is necessary as the cap can open as well as close.

4. Instruction sheet and/or personalised wording you may want for the intended recipient.

The white box we use for the gift pack is opened and closed by a sleeve that locks into the inner sides of the box itself.

The items making up the gift pack each have their own compartment; an aerothene dye cut out specifically for the component in question.

Besides the box’s nice aesthetic appearance, it was important for us to make a type of gift pack that could withstand being shipped over long distances, withstand being dropped and sit in storage.

Our gift packs have passed this type of testing suited for Amazon. It is nevertheless important to stress that gift packs containing oil should not be kept in storage for too long a period (i.e. several months) as the oil slowly evaporates if kept in warm/hot conditions.

GCS is open to making up a gift pack should our client’s favour any of the other glass candles on offer. In order to bring the overall cost of the custom packaging down we will advise on a MOQ (i.e. minimum order quantity)  

GCS offers wholesale prices on gifts; including corporate gifts to its customers who shop online and deliver anywhere in South Africa as well as for export purposes.

For a gift idea; whether it be a birthday or wedding gift, a romantic, valentines or anniversary gift or just a gift for the home, this is truly a unique gift to give.

Feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

Gift Pack 1

Includes a Small round glass candle, 200 ml oil in aerothene dyed customized gift pack

Gift Pack1
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Gift Pack 2

Includes a Medium round glass candle, 200 ml oil in aerothene dyed customized gift pack

Gift Pack 2
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Gift Pack 3

Includes a Large round glass candle, 200 ml oil in aerothene dyed customized gift pack

Gift Pack 3
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Gift Pack 4

Gift 4 contains the biggest round glass candle (i.e. Extra large round/Load Shedder) by far as it is 14 cm in diameter.

Gift Pack 4

Gift Pack 5

Like all our well packed goods, this gift incorporates our small, medium and large round glass candles with lots of oil
(i.e. 500 ml container) to match.


Gift Pack 5
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Gift Pack 11

Includes a Swan Glass Candle and 200ml oil.

Gift Pack 11
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