Height 3 cm, Diameter3 cm
Burning time 4 hours

Like all GCS's reusable glass candles, our tealights are designed to burn longer relative to their size as well as made to fit into any small holder votive.

 An ordinary wax candle is not only not reusable but can become messy with wax build up.

Tealight oil candles alleviate this problem.

Tealights placed on surfaces such as mirrors using different coloured oils can produce a spectacular effect.

See DECOR and GALLERY category for various usages of tealights with decor items. Oil not included in price.

This tiny TEALIGHT 3CM H is one of the smallest glass candles we offer. 

 It is capable of burning up to 4 hours and was designed to fit into the smallest of spaces whether it be a votive, HANGING LANTERN or just about anything our customers have creatively come up with.

GCS Tealights are used in so many of the markets we deal with; be it restaurants, event Companies, hotels, resellers of our products and are sold all around South Africa as well as export.

As with many of our products, such designs can only be sourced in this country.

The TEALIGHT 3 cm H can also be 'corked' so that it fits on top of a candle holder.

All prices displayed on GCS's website are wholesale prices.

As a result of the efficiencies of ordering online GCS offers these wholesale prices to any purchaser regardless of quantity.

The online buying system provides exact details of every product on offer and completes the process of getting ones order safely door to door. 

Use GCS RUNNING COST  and PAYBACK CALCULATOR to establish how little it costs to use this glass candle and how quick payback is as opposed to buying wax candles

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